Stop binging and overeating!

Finally feel “normal” around food not just
TODAY, but every day.

Ultimate Toolkit to Stop Binge Eating is designed to equip you with solid tools you can use today to stop the overwhelming binge urges and stop with ONE biscuit.

Effective strategies to stop binging and overeating

If you’re reading this, you likely have tried to stop binging and overeating a gazillion times already…

It’s unfair that everyone around you can eat their cake and stop when they’re full and for you even the tiniest amount of sugar is kryptonite: the moment it touches your tongue, you feel like an out-of-control sugar addict. 

The most annoying thing is that you seem to be super in control of all areas of your life, except when it comes to food. And you, most out of everyone, deserve a peaceful relationship with food.

The struggle ends today.

Can you imagine?

How would it feel to diffuse the binge before it even starts, all because you have the exact tools that work… rather than simply forbidding yourself to binge (we both know how that one ends).

How would your life be different if you could:

Learn how you too can stop binging and overeating
  • TRUST yourself to have an opened pack of biscuits in the house or even forget it’s there
  • CONFIDENTLY handle whatever life throws at you without turning to food
  • Stop thinking about food 24/7 so you can FOCUS on things that truly matter in your life (like finally having the headspace to redecorate the house)
  • Know EXACTLY what and when to eat to stop the binge cycle
  • Feel RELAXED around food and actually enjoy it (yes, without guilt)


Ultimate Toolkit to
Stop Binge Eating

Stop binging and overeating with the Ultimate Bundle to Stop Binge Eating

Simple and practical strategies that will help you significantly reduce binging and
overeating so you can finally feel “normal” around food

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👋 Hey there! I’m Milda…

I am a Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioner BANT CNHC, for the past 7 years specializing in supporting people with eating problems, disordered eating and a difficult relationship with food. This covers a range of issues, from diagnosed eating disorders to emotional eating to yo-yo dieting.

After my own journey with binging and disordered eating for over a decade, I know how frustrating it is to find effective strategies, that not only sound good in theory but are also practical and truly work. 

I’m all about taking focused action and after helping hundreds of 1:1 clients through my nutritional therapy practice to stop overeating and binge eating, I know what works!

In the Ultimate Toolkit to Stop Binge Eating, I share the EXACT tools that I still use daily to help others stop binge eating for good. 

See you inside?

Stop binge eating and overeating with a nutritionist

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Nutrition Path.  2023 All rights reserved.